Uncontrolled select element

Renders an uncontrolled <select> element that uses a callback function to pass its value to the parent component.

  • Use the the selectedValue prop as the defaultValue of the <select> element to set its initial value..
  • Use the onChange event to fire the onValueChange callback and send the new value to the parent.
  • Use Array.prototype.map() on the values array to create an <option> element for each passed value.
  • Each item in values must be a 2-element array, where the first element is the value of the item and the second one is the displayed text for it.
const Select = ({ values, onValueChange, selectedValue, ...rest }) => {
  return (
      onChange={({ target: { value } }) => onValueChange(value)}
      {values.map(([value, text]) => (
        <option key={value} value={value}>
const choices = [
  ['grapefruit', 'Grapefruit'],
  ['lime', 'Lime'],
  ['coconut', 'Coconut'],
  ['mango', 'Mango'],
    onValueChange={val => console.log(val)}