Converts a string to title case.

  • Use String.prototype.match() to break the string into words using an appropriate regexp.
  • Use, Array.prototype.slice(), Array.prototype.join() and String.prototype.toUpperCase() to combine them, capitalizing the first letter of each word and adding a whitespace between them.
const toTitleCase = str =>
    .map(x => x.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + x.slice(1))
    .join(' ');
toTitleCase('some_database_field_name'); // 'Some Database Field Name'
toTitleCase('Some label that needs to be title-cased');
// 'Some Label That Needs To Be Title Cased'
toTitleCase('some-package-name'); // 'Some Package Name'
toTitleCase('some-mixed_string with spaces_underscores-and-hyphens');
// 'Some Mixed String With Spaces Underscores And Hyphens'