React useMediaQuery hook

Checks if the current environment matches a given media query and returns the appropriate value.

  • Check if Window and Window.matchMedia() exist. Return whenFalse if not (e.g. SSR environment or unsupported browser).
  • Use Window.matchMedia() to match the given query. Cast its matches property to a boolean and store in a state variable, match, using the useState() hook.
  • Use the useEffect() hook to add a listener for changes and to clean up the listeners after the hook is destroyed.
  • Return either whenTrue or whenFalse based on the value of match.
const useMediaQuery = (query, whenTrue, whenFalse) => {
  if (typeof window === 'undefined' || typeof window.matchMedia === 'undefined')
    return whenFalse;

  const mediaQuery = window.matchMedia(query);
  const [match, setMatch] = React.useState(!!mediaQuery.matches);

  React.useEffect(() => {
    const handler = () => setMatch(!!mediaQuery.matches);
    return () => mediaQuery.removeListener(handler);
  }, []);

  return match ? whenTrue : whenFalse;
const ResponsiveText = () => {
  const text = useMediaQuery(
    '(max-width: 400px)',
    'Less than 400px wide',
    'More than 400px wide'

  return <span>{text}</span>;

ReactDOM.render(<ResponsiveText />, document.getElementById('root'));